Tuesday, 1 March 2011


After finishing our first two days of filming which is most of our project apart from one more scene which we need to do, we have been editing our collected footage. We began by cutting particular clips that we agreed didn't fit the film or were not good enough for different reasons. Then we put the remainding clips together into place by deciding the ones we preferred. These were then cut down so we got rid of any unwanted footage and left spaces for where the last part of filming will be placed, also for where the car accident will go seeing as that still needs to be complete.
 Recently we noticed a continuity error where Sam is getting dressed for work with his coat on and then the next shot is him with his coat off. We had to remove certain parts and try to get away with what we have, it may look slightly odd, but on the positive side it is a comedy so it could look quite funny, also not everyone we have shown has noticed the mistake.
 Another small error we found was on the sound a voice can be heard in the background when the shot is being filmed, so we cut that part out and jumped straight to the next shot, although there is not much of a problem because it's only a few seconds and still looks good, personally I think it looks better because the shot was too long anyway.
 Recently we completed our final scene and when editing found one slight error which was when Sam kicks the hand under the table to hide the dead body of the colleague he just killed at work, Ryan who plays his boss, speaks at the same time which we wanted to show in a different shot, so instead we just cut it down a little so it fits perfectly.

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