Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Music and sound

We have recently been looking for music to add to a scene in our film with Justin in the car speeding and then running over Sam. We thought because Justins un-named character is the typical person who doesn't care about anyone else as he is driving very fast and then uses his phone whilst in the car, so we thought adding some loud club music would suit the scene.
 The name of the song that we found on the internet is called Play It Hard from G-T3K, it's fast dance music and this will be played as he is driving up to when he hits Sam crossing the road.
 When editing we added the track switching from the car driving and Sam walking, getting quiter when it's on Sam. When Justin stops the car and gets out the music continues playing as if it's coming from his car stereo, but then goes quieter as he runs away to show he's moving away from the stereo. We feel that this does work although it might look quite cheap and not believable that the music is coming from the car.
 We also found a song which we used for the credits at the end of the film which we have now formed including the director, writer, producer, editor, cast and others. We wanted a piece of music that was comical as it keeps the mood for the final shot of Mickey and Dave ready to help Luke eat his wife. We found the song from

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