Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Production company name

We decided to combine both of our production names from last year: Big Box and Blue Monkey, so we came up with Blue Box Productions as our new one. Today I quickly designed and made a production logo using Adobe Illustrator which is temporary, this will go on our poster and possibly at the beginning of the film.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Attracting The Audience

We sent an e-mail to the sixth form asking for actors/actresses so this has made people aware of the film too. Also Ryan created a Facebook page for the film so people can comment and send messages asking about it.

Poster Draft

This is our poster draft created by Justin. The qoute at the top: You're in good hands with a zombie, is an idea we found from using a slogan generator online and the image in the centre is yet to be done, we're going to get a photo of the cast. Samuel White's name is visible because he is the main actor, also the title in bold writing so it's very visible. It also includes the names of the directors and production names, also in the bottom right hand corner it has the date of when the film is to be released in the cinema.


Today we went to town and bought a cheap wooden table from the charity shop. We will be using this for the scene where Mickey throws it out the window/door because he can't be bothered to tidy up. We also have fake cigarettes for one scene and we still need to get the correct clothes sorted for each character, also we need to still get some other props: beer and magazine, which we will get on the day of filming and fake blood and fake hand which we will try and find before we film or make ourselves.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


We now have a full cast for the film:

Luke - Samuel White
Mickey - Samuel Peckham
Dave - Edward Watson
Caroline - Steph Dearden
Justin - Driver

We have also printed off a copy of the script for each actor/actress so they can learn their lines and understand what they have to do before we begin filming. I highlighted the lines for each character so it's clear for the parts they're involved in. We may need a teacher to play the boss in one of our scenes.

I wrote the script, the directing will be a joint effort between the three of us, more so Justin and the editing will be mostly Ryan.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Below is a list of props that I have decided we are going to need:

1. Car
2. Mobile phone
3. Games controller
4. Beers
5. Table
6. Magazine
7. Fake hand
8. Guitar
9. Fake blood
10. Cutlery
11. Clothing

Below is a list of settings that we will also need for different scenes:

1. House - lounge, kitchen, bathroom, front garden
2. Office
3. Road for collision

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


We have a completed script and four out of the five actors that we need for the film, the last person we need is to play the main character, we have sent an e-mail asking for anyone to play this part and we hope to have this sorted by the end of this week.

We also have the story board in process which had to be re-made because it was too basic with lack of detail on the shots. The next step will be to put the story board into an animatic with colour which will be effective.

Production Company

We came up with the idea of making a production company name for the opening of our film. Last year Ryan was in a group that produced the production name: Blue Monkey and me and Justin made the production name: Big Box. So, we are thinking of forming a new production name by putting the two names together for this film. Another idea could be to merge the names, for example: Blue Box or Big Monkey.
 I have recently been thinking about the production name and the opening so I thought about mixing both production companies together. Last year for mine and Justin's film: Silent Revenge, the opening for Big Box Productions was a close-up of a big box falling down on top of a gerbil. In Ryan's film: Hidden Crime, the opening for Blue Monkey Productions was the title sliding in with an image of a blue monkey. I had the idea of putting these together: a blue monkey being crushed by a big box and then the name scrolls in: Big Box & Blue Monkey Productions.