Thursday, 10 March 2011

Third and final day of filming

On the 8th March we stayed after school and filmed our third and final scene in a classroom to use as an office where Sam is at work. We changed the script a little by adding him killing a colleague and then his boss which is played by Ryan to make the point that he is a zombie more clear as before he only killed his wife which didn't give much away about the story.
 We used a variety of shots such as a close-up on Ryan's face when he's shouting to make him look more angry and give a better effect. Pete Geldart volunteered to play the colleague who sits near Sam at the desk when he kills him which we filmed out of focus by concentrating on Ryans face when he finds a sheet of paper been printed off by Sam to look confused.
 Also we came up with the good idea of showing him kicking the body under the desk of the person he just killed as his boss walks over and talks to him.

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