Thursday, 28 April 2011

Final poster

This is the final completed poster which we all had an involvement in designing with creative ideas in the group, but was produced by Justin. 
 We took the idea of the layout from other posters we had looked at from around the classroom and tried to make it similar so it would look professional and of a high quality. 
 The idea of the head close up came from the film we already knew about but also looked at from the internet: Me, Myself and Irene, which is also a comedy. At first we were going to copy the split face showing two personalities which would be human and zombie, but then changed our mind and decided it would look better without the split and adding the details instead. The logo design at the bottom left was quickly and easily made on a graphics program with our production name in the centre of it. Also we added some famous film production companies such as Working Title and Universal. 
 We agreed not to have too many actors/actresses names as it would have filled up too much space and it looked overcrowded, so we just kept to the main characters name at the top of the poster. The title also underneath and a slogan which we all agreed on.

This is the new poster design as we decided to change it, agreeing the last one wasn't good enough for the standard we are aiming for for a couple of reasons which one is that of the eye not looking very promising or professional. This new one is of a much better quality and has gained a lot of positive feedback from audience as we publicly posted it on Facebook to see what people's opinions are.
 The layout is a lot more detailed and specific with great colour and fonts to give it a good effect to the audience viewing the appearance, which is vital. The title is in bold to be appealing with the main actors name above, an image, date and other names/credits at the bottom, it now looks much more professional.
 This idea had originally been developed without us realising it is fairly similar to another poster of a real product, coincidentally having a similar title to ours too: "Dead Man's Shoes" so they look quite the same. We then changed the colour of the text from red to blue so it wouldn't look so similar, also making the red blood stand out more. One part of the image from the poster that stands out and has a good effect is the running line of blood, this shows the theme of the film. The only negative feedback I could give it myself apart from it being fairly similar to another product is that it gives the impression that it is a very serious film, although it does include a lot of comedy.