Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final magazine

The magazine is now completed with all the finishing touches added, we feel it looks very professional as we based it on the layout of a film review from Empire magazine. We are very happy with the final outcome, if there was one thing to change it would be the writing on the right hand side which is white because it matches the colour of the background where Sams shirt is white in the photo, it's still readable and changing it black wouldn't match the other writing.
 Justin followed the design of the magazine from Empire by trying to match each detail as closely as he could to make it more realistic and believable. On the left hand side down the column is about new film releases and interviews. On the right hand side is about the actors/actresses starring in Dead Man's Love, the main section of writing in the middle of the page is about the plot and in the bottom right hand corner has the verdict with a rating.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Music and sound

We have recently been looking for music to add to a scene in our film with Justin in the car speeding and then running over Sam. We thought because Justins un-named character is the typical person who doesn't care about anyone else as he is driving very fast and then uses his phone whilst in the car, so we thought adding some loud club music would suit the scene.
 The name of the song that we found on the internet is called Play It Hard from G-T3K, it's fast dance music and this will be played as he is driving up to when he hits Sam crossing the road.
 When editing we added the track switching from the car driving and Sam walking, getting quiter when it's on Sam. When Justin stops the car and gets out the music continues playing as if it's coming from his car stereo, but then goes quieter as he runs away to show he's moving away from the stereo. We feel that this does work although it might look quite cheap and not believable that the music is coming from the car.
 We also found a song which we used for the credits at the end of the film which we have now formed including the director, writer, producer, editor, cast and others. We wanted a piece of music that was comical as it keeps the mood for the final shot of Mickey and Dave ready to help Luke eat his wife. We found the song from

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Third and final day of filming

On the 8th March we stayed after school and filmed our third and final scene in a classroom to use as an office where Sam is at work. We changed the script a little by adding him killing a colleague and then his boss which is played by Ryan to make the point that he is a zombie more clear as before he only killed his wife which didn't give much away about the story.
 We used a variety of shots such as a close-up on Ryan's face when he's shouting to make him look more angry and give a better effect. Pete Geldart volunteered to play the colleague who sits near Sam at the desk when he kills him which we filmed out of focus by concentrating on Ryans face when he finds a sheet of paper been printed off by Sam to look confused.
 Also we came up with the good idea of showing him kicking the body under the desk of the person he just killed as his boss walks over and talks to him.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


After finishing our first two days of filming which is most of our project apart from one more scene which we need to do, we have been editing our collected footage. We began by cutting particular clips that we agreed didn't fit the film or were not good enough for different reasons. Then we put the remainding clips together into place by deciding the ones we preferred. These were then cut down so we got rid of any unwanted footage and left spaces for where the last part of filming will be placed, also for where the car accident will go seeing as that still needs to be complete.
 Recently we noticed a continuity error where Sam is getting dressed for work with his coat on and then the next shot is him with his coat off. We had to remove certain parts and try to get away with what we have, it may look slightly odd, but on the positive side it is a comedy so it could look quite funny, also not everyone we have shown has noticed the mistake.
 Another small error we found was on the sound a voice can be heard in the background when the shot is being filmed, so we cut that part out and jumped straight to the next shot, although there is not much of a problem because it's only a few seconds and still looks good, personally I think it looks better because the shot was too long anyway.
 Recently we completed our final scene and when editing found one slight error which was when Sam kicks the hand under the table to hide the dead body of the colleague he just killed at work, Ryan who plays his boss, speaks at the same time which we wanted to show in a different shot, so instead we just cut it down a little so it fits perfectly.