Monday, 31 January 2011

Progress questions

- How did your research into genre contribute to your production work?
A film that I researched because of the genre being the same to ours: horror comedy, was Shaun of the Dead, this will relate to our movie being the same audience as it's the same genre. We looked into dvd covers of horror comedy films such as Scary Movie and Zombie Land too, so we could take away ideas from these to develop our production work based upon the genre. On the Scary Movie front cover we found a qoute: I see dead people. This is mocking a real movie so we took the idea of having a slogan at the top of our poster: You're in good hands with a zombie. Two other dvd front covers/posters that we examined were Me, Myself and Irene and Superbad because they are both comedy's and they helped us to develop our poster layout. The Me, Myself and Irene poster shows a head split in half showing two personalities, so it linked to the genre of our film as it's about a normal man who is a zombie, so he is a split person. Also the Superbad poster shows the main characters so we thought this would be a good way to lay out the poster with all the characters spread over the poster, in the background etc.

- How did your research into audience contribute to your production work?
When I looked at Shaun of the Dead, I found that the film achieved an average age of it's audience being 18-34 year olds, mainly students. The reason we chose to do comedy was because it targets the whole market, both male and female, ranging from different ages, because the majority of people all like comedy, it also has elements of horror and romance, so this spreads even wider giving us a big audience. The comedy is also the same of that in Shaun of the Dead, which in a review was described as "cheeky more than sarcastic," and it had a very successful audience so we hope that ours should get some positive feedback too. The main audience of Shaun of the Dead being a cheeky, sarcastic comedy with the characters as white British, the large majority of the audience that were attracted were the same as the characters being white because of it's comedy. So, we know from this that with our film being a cheeky, sarcastic comedy with all the characters being white British, linking to that of Shaun of the Dead, our audience will be the same.

- How did your research into institutions be responsible for the production and regulation of the media influence your production work?
I looked at posters of films so we knew how to create ours and make it look as real and convincing as possible. We added productions names such as Universal, Working Title, Studio Canal and I made one for our group. As we know that Working Title and Studio Canal work with comedies such as Shaun of the Dead, we thought it would be a good idea to use it for ours, also Universal as we know is a big production name so it would boost our poster appearance. After looking at these logo's we had an idea of what to do for our own production name, so it did fairly influence us.

Monday, 17 January 2011

First day of filming

We have just completed filming our first part of the film which is the car scene where the actor gets knocked down by a driver. We managed to get lots of different shots and angles by using two seperate camera's which gave us more options. Jack Laurilla also came along and took photo's as he does photography, this gives evidence of our filming and shows briefly how we worked and where.

We began at 10:00am and filmed at the Ringwood Junior School lane as it was a fairly quiet road with good light and had a path where we could show the character walking down before he crosses the road. Gareth came too and helped us with ideas and he let us use his green screen so the car collision will look realistic. We ended at around 1:00pm and had collected a good amount of film.

Order of shots:

1. Luke (Sam White) walking home from work.
2. Comes to the edge of the road, looking left.
3. A car from the right comes speeding and hits him.
4. The driver (Justin) gets out of the car and goes to his attention.
5. He goes back to the car to get his phone, looking behind him as he speaks to 999.
6. He looks back again and realises the body has disappeared.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


The weather on Sunday looks like it's going to be rainy so this will be a problem for us. We may have to re-schedule to film this outdoor scene on another day.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Filming dates

- 16th January: car scene
- somewhere between these two dates: office scene
- 6th February: house scene's

Our car scene will be filmed on a road in Ringwood, the office scene will be filmed in the afternoon at school and the house scene's will now be filmed at Ed Watson's house, who is going to play the character Dave, as our original location is no longer available.