Monday, 7 February 2011

Second day of filming

On 06/02 we did our second day of filming which we all felt went very well, getting all the footage we needed and running smoothly with everyone able to make it. We have most our film now apart from one scene which may be added which will be done soon and won't take too long. We filmed all the scenes that we had planned on the script apart from one which we felt didn't fit with the rest of it, although it wasn't in the script anyway. Also throughout the filming we made some alters such as cutting out one idea from the toilet scene, this is because it might have been a scene that would have gone on for too long and would have needed too many shots, but this wasn't a vital part. We also filmed in a random order so all the scenes are not together, this will take lots of editing.
 We used Lucy's house as she is now in the movie playing the wife of Sam's character, Luke. We began fairly early in the morning with the first scene being outside showing Luke entering the house after coming home from work from being hit by a car which we filmed on day one. The other scenes we filmed were the bed scene showing him getting in and out with his wife, the bathroom scene, the table thrown out the door scene, lounge scene and the kitchen scene where he kills her, showing Mickey and Dave finding Luke eating her when they decide to join in.

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